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The purpose of the Turbo Diesel Register is to give Ram Turbo Diesel owners more satisfaction in the ownership of their pickup. How so? Each quarter we publish a magazine with 25+ columns. Since the Fall of '93, the publication has provided an open forum for the exchange of information from the manufacturers to the owners, from members to members and from owners back to manufacturers. The quarterly TDR magazine, a 132 page publication, features technical tips, maintenance basics, product evaluations, owner feature stories, industry news, vehicle history and development and more. The following is a sample of the columns we publish each quarter:

Tailgating - A Letter From The Editor

Letter Exchange - Responses From The Readers

Member2Member - Members' Solutions To Members' Questions

Fourth and .5 Generation - Owner-Specific Articles On The '10 and Newer Trucks

- Third and .5 Generation - Owner-Specific Articles On The '03 - '09 Trucks

- Second and .5 Generation - Owner-Specific Articles On The '94 - '02 Trucks

First and .5 Generation - Owner-Specific Articles On The '89 - '93 Trucks

Blowin' In The Wind - Industry News

Technical Topics - Service/Parts Update

- Ready to Travel - TDR Member Travel Adventures

- Still Plays with Trucks - Product Installs, Evaluations and Commentary

- The Long Haul - Spinning Wrenches with Moses Ludel

From The Shop Floor - Tips From Turbo Diesel Repair Shops

Products Showcase - Featured Products

TDRelease - Vendor Press Releases

An annual subscription to the Turbo Diesel Register runs $35 ($45 for Canadian and International subscriptions) and includes four copies of the magazine and twelve consecutive months' access to the TDR Website.

Please note that back issues are only available in print format. Some issues are sold out and no longer available.

To subscribe using our toll-free telephone number, please dial 888-440-8371. Note: this is an order fulfillment line only. Telephone attendants cannot answer technical questions.

If you have other questions regarding a subscription to the Turbo Diesel Register, give us a call at 770-886-8877. Or, simply e-mail us at: rpatton@ix.netcom.com.

Thank you for your interest in the Turbo Diesel Register!