Issue 98 (November/December/January - 2017/2018)

What will you find in Turbo Diesel Register Issue 98?

  • Ram’s redesigned truck for 2018 is briefly discussed – it looks like the HD trucks. We will not see the redesign until 2021.
  • A new truck costs more than my first house. That is a correct statement, and four TDR Writers (Whale, Langan, Dalgleish and Patton) talk about truck prices. After you read their comments, you can debate the “first house” dilemma.
  • The most recent factory service bulletins are provided in summary format.
  • James Langan does an extensive tire comparison (tread design versus mileage; tire width versus mileage). The results may surprise you.
  • Doug Leno talks about remanufactured steering gears (boxes).
  • Jeannette and Bob Vallier continue their travel adventures with a trip to Lake Powell and the Henry Mountains of Utah.
  • Scott Dalgleish purchases a new/used 2017 1500 EcoDiesel.
  • James Langan purchases a new 2017 2500 truck.
  • The usual fix-it, replace-it, modify-it ideas from TDR Members.

The late, Jim Anderson, writes his final column for the TDR. Jim passed away as the magazine was in production. Our condolences to his family. His TDR family will miss him greatly.

As always, we hope you enjoy this edition of the Turbo Diesel Register. And get those iPhones and cameras out. We want your photos!

Robert Patton, Editor, Turbo Diesel Register

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 94 - Cover
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