Issue 97 (August/September/October - 2017)

What will you find in Turbo Diesel Register Issue 97?

Restoration Theme. I made the assignment for Issue 97 by asking the writers to tell about something that they have recently restored or refinished. Whether the project was just for entertainment or for education, you will find several of their stories scattered throughout this issue.

Emissions Nightmare. On a more complex note (flip to Kevin Cameron’s “Dieselgate” on page 126), you will find that the latest lawsuit against (fill in the blank) or investigation into (fill in the blank) has the mainstream media busy with sensational headlines delivered to your inbox or mailbox daily. Ouch. How about a sensational headline from this editor? See “The Diesel’s Demise” on page 50.

Other articles you'll want to check out:
  • Have you wanted to hot-rod a ’94 – ’02, 12-valve engine? See “Back in the Saddle,” pages 84 – 86.
  • Have you wanted to hot-rod a ’03 – ’07, HPCR engine? See “10 Back,” page 18.
  • Have you wanted to hot-rod a '07.5 – current 6.7-liter engine? Me too. But I can’t tell you how as the two 6.7-liter powered trucks I’ve owned have been more than capable with their factory ratings. Besides, I’ve read all of the previous EPA vs SEMA articles, and I understand the consequences of emissions hardware tampering.
  • Have you wondered about doing a disc brake conversion on an RV trailer? Member, Paul Odegard, tells you about his experience.
  • Off-Road enthusiasts may know the name Moses Ludel. Moses also owns a Ram Turbo Diesel, and we are fortunate to have him telling us about his truck/happenings in the marketplace.
  • Ours is more than a nuts-and-bolts truck magazine. Check out Mark Barnes “Motor Minded” column, pages 60 – 63.
As always, we hope you enjoy this edition of the Turbo Diesel Register. And get those iPhones and cameras out. We want your photos! 

Robert Patton
Editor, Turbo Diesel Register
Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 94 - Cover
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