Issue 96 (May/June/July - 2017)

What can you expect in Issue 96?
  • Common Problem:  HVAC Service.  The title says it all.  In this issue we have TDR writer John Roberts tackling the service work on a Third Generation truck, and TDR writer Scott Dalgleish gives you the how-to on a Second Generation truck.
  • Photos from a Concours Event, Part II.  Last year I attended the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance event which is held in early March at Amelia Island, Florida.  I used photographs from that event to fill in the dreaded white space in Issue 92.  I received so much positive feedback from those photographs that I’ve added several shots from this year’s show.  Yes, the atmosphere, people and cars are still impressive.  In keeping with the theme from the television show, “What’s My Car Worth,” which is hosted by Keith Martin, a writer/editor for Sports Car Digest, I took extra time to photograph the placard of the auctioneer’s expected price for many of these vehicles.  I hope you enjoy the photos and get a kick out of the value of some of the vehicles that were up for auction.
  • The most recent factory service bulletins in summary form start on page 44.
  • Stan Gozzi has fun with a clutch replacement on page 110.
  • James Langan makes more modifications to his truck on page 98.
  • The Valliers take us on a travel expedition to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim (page 54).
  • The usual fix-it, replace-it, modify-it stories from TDR Members.
As always, I hope you enjoy this issue of the Turbo Diesel Register.
Robert Patton, Editor
Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 94 - Cover
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