Issue 92 (May/June/July - 2016)

What can you look forward to in Issue 92?
  • John Martin answers your questions about “old” lube oils and diesel oil specifications.
  • New TDR Writer, Stan Gozzi, gives us “The Rest of the Story” on a truck with no boost.
  • Lots of industry news with a recap of the VW fiasco and FCA news with the “Saga of Sergio – Part III."
  • TSB follow up that will give you a great technique to clean up your Turbo Diesel for the summer months.
  • Our writers talk about their favorite writers. The names Kevin Cameron and Peter Egan are often mentioned, and we have samples of their work in the TDR.
  • Andy Redmond discusses performance modifications to a 12-valve engine in a First Generation truck. I discuss the SEMA vs. the EPA and the battle to eliminate the performance aftermarket business.
  • The usual new-part-here, accessory-there feature articles from Langan, Donnelly and Dalgleish.
  • The Valliers travel to Death Valley (as do 5 million visitors a year).
  • And as always, we have members helping members in our best of the internet sections.
We hope you enjoy this issue of the Turbo Diesel Register. Thank you, in advance, for your continued support.

Robert Patton

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 91 - Cover
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