Issue 90 (November/December/January - 2015/2016)

Turbo Diesel Register, Issue 90 print copies are in the mail. US addresses should expect delivery within the next 7 – 14 days. International addresses should allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery. TDR subscribers should receive a link via email to access the digital version of the magazine. If you do not receive that link email for assistance. Included in this issue are the 2016 TDR Member Calendar as well as the annual Ram Technical Service Bulletin summary.  
The folks at FCA have been in the news, and we step back from the sensational headlines to bring you a more balanced look at the stor(ies).

Along with the problems/solutions that TDR Members provide, you will also find:
  • Out in the Boondocks – Travel in the Great Southwest (page 62)
  • Aisin Transmission Shudder – How to fix (page 24)
  • Twilight Zone – Update on Autonomous Vehicles (page 54)
  • The Saga of Sergio Marchionne – Where is FCA Headed? (page 30)
As a part of the “Tailgating” editorial, I ask you to focus your attention to our website’s left navigation “TDR Member Only Areas.” Throughout the year, we have added several Buyer’s Guides to this area as well as TSB Updates and Ram Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Please take a minute to review this material as your knowledge of these resources can help that friend of yours find just the right new or used Turbo Diesel truck.  

We hope that you enjoy Issue 90. 

And as always, thank you for your support of the Turbo Diesel Register.

Robert Patton, Editor
Turbo Diesel Register
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Issue 90 (November/December/January - 2015/2016)
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