Issue 89 (August/September/October - 2015)

Turbo Diesel Register, Issue 89 print copies are in the mail.  US addresses should expect delivery within the next 7 – 14 days.  International addresses should allow 2 – 4 weeks for delivery.  TDR subscribers should have received a link via email to access the digital version of the Turbo Diesel Register.  If you did not receive that link, email for assistance.

We continue making small changes to improve the look of the magazine.  In this issue, look for some updates to a few of the regular column mastheads.

Also, this issue announces the annual TDR Calendar Contest.  We will be accepting entries through September 11, 2015.  Get busy, and let’s see what you’ve got.  Simply email your photo(s) to  Include your name and address as well as a little information about your truck.

What topics are covered in TDR Issue 89?

  • Editor’s review of factory and aftermarket air suspension systems.
  • Writer and oil guru John Martin gives us a head’s up on new lube oil specifications coming in 2017.  Didn’t they just make those revisions?  Oops, that was 2007.
  • Writer Kevin Cameron entertains us with his thoughts on autonomous cars.
  • Writer Andy Redmond tells us about shopping for a used truck and a problem that felt like brake shimmy.
  • Members helping members with cause/correction letters in our First Generation through Fourth Generation feature columns.
  • New accessories for the EcoDiesel as well as HD Turbo Diesel Trucks.
  • Writer James Langan accessories his 2014 truck.
  • Writer Joe Donnelly accessorizes his 2013 truck.
  • Writer Scott Dalgleish accessorizes his 1999 truck.

We hope you enjoy Issue 89.

And remember, we have added more content to the TDR’s website for TDR Members.  Check these collections out at

Dodge/Cummins Historical Perspective - a collection of quick read stories that take you back to the Dodge Brothers and to Clessie Cummins starting their respective business ventures ( .

Kevin Cameron’s book, the “Cameron Collection” – a collection of his past TDR articles ( .

And as always, thank you for your support of the Turbo Diesel Register

Robert Patton, Editor, Turbo Diesel Register



Issue 89 (August/September/October - 2015)
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