Issue 87 (February/March/April - 2015)

The new soft-touch cover and photo are clear and crisp. This will change the habits of many who mark notes on the cover with a black Sharpie. The solution? A silver Sharpie!

In this issue, my silver Sharpie was busy. Take a look at:

- Page 27 – Automatic Transmission Heat

- Page 20 – Hard Start Condition

- Page 70 – Turn Off the Seat Chime

- Page 10 – Air Cleaner and Cold Air Intake What silver markings will be found on the outside cover of your magazine?

Other excellent articles to check out in TDR Issue 87:

- Exceptionally pleasant memories recounted in our “10 Back” review of Issue 47.

- TDR Writer, Doug Leno, give us an update on a front suspension project on his 2004 Turbo Diesel truck in “Member 2 Member.”

- Gordon Nathan’s review of the 2014 EcoDiesel.

- Entertainment and insights from the professional writers, Barnes, Whale and Cameron.

- More fix-it ideas from Anderson, Dalgleish, Redmond, and Langan.

As always, thank you for your support of the Turbo Diesel Register.

Robert Patton, Editor

Issue 87 (February/March/April - 2015)
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