Issue 84 (May/June/July - 2014)

TDR Issue 84 is in the Mail. Turbo Diesel Register, Issue 84 (May/June/July, 2014) was mailed from the printer on Friday, May 2, 2014. Domestic deliveries should arrive by May 16. International deliveries should arrive by May 30, 2014.

Last week, we sent you a link to the digital edition of Issue 84. This is the third edition we have delivered in both print and digital format. If you did not receive your link to the digital version of Issue 84, email Feel free to send us thoughts and suggestions for the new digital format. And no, we have no plans to eliminate the print magazine. This is simply offered as an additional benefit for being a member of the Turbo Diesel Register.

What will you find in Issue 84?

- Would you believe we are on the verge of another lube oil specification update? The TDR's oil guru, John Martin, tells us about PC-11.
- Technical writer, Kevin Cameron, tells us how the PC-11 oils will work with new engines.
- Yours truly has some help from the Chrysler powertrain folks, and I give you a long story on Ram automatic transmissions – 1994 – 2014.
- How long have you owned your 6.7-liter powered truck? Some are seven years old now. How do you clean the diesel particulate filter (DPF)?
- Is your Ram really the last truck you will ever own? You will find some humor in that statement as you read TDR 84'ss editorial, "The DWCC Game."
- Writers, Joe Donnelly and Scott Dalgleish, are still busy working on their new trucks.
- The usual "Best Of" from the TDR website.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the Turbo Diesel Register. And as always, I sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Robert Patton

Issue 84 (May/June/July - 2014)
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