Issue 119 (Feb/Mar/Apr 2023)

A new year and it’s time to add a “TDR Member” decal to your truck, tool box or work bench. This year it is a bit larger in size than in previous years. The magazine’s “Tailgating” will give you the entire story.

The entire story…What else will you find in Issue 119?

Tailgating: The editor-dude goes on a rant about electric vehicles.

Tailgating: The editor-dude goes on a rant about the diesel performance business, the EPA and EPA fines.

Member 2 Member: Writer Tracy Martin discusses the four hybrid pickup trucks that are currently for sale in the market. The editor-dude knows this isn’t your favorite subject, but we should all be educated about future products. Right?

10 Back: Let’s talk about gasoline mixed with diesel fuel. Hey it was a topic 10-years ago, so we do a mindful revisit in Issue 119.

Technical Topics: The editor-due goes to the 2022 SEMA show and gives you an update on the diesel performance parts state-of-the-industry.

TDReview: On a lighter note, the editor-dude captures some of the cool trucks at the 2022 SEMA show.

TDResource: The editor-dude does an annual review of technical service bulletins (TSBs) that Ram issued in calendar year 2022.

Generations: Andy Mikonis gives you a look at the last EcoDiesel offered by Ram ("The highway’s jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive.")

Generations: Hey guys, we need more chatter and/or your articles on those older trucks. Seriously, send in those stories on the older First Generation trucks.

Blowin’ in the Wind: The editor-due investigates the emissions puzzle in California, news from Ram, CDJR future product plans, and ADAS components. (What is ADAS?)

Four Whaling: Greg compares electric fuel to gasoline fuel.

Ready to Travel:
 The editor-due mourns the passing of the “glamorous” car shows.

Ranch Dressing: John Holmes has been watching the news for those topics of interest to Ram owners and followers of the Chrysler brand of vehicles. Check his column for the latest updates.

Have Ram Will Travel: Joe Donnelly briefly introduces the Cummins 6.7 hydrogen engine.

Still Plays With Trucks: James Langan tells the audience about DC to DC battery chargers.

The Long Haul: Moses Ludel talks about cooling system maintenance. The editor-dude talks about fishbowls.

The Rest of the Story: Stan Gozzi discusses grid heater problems. The editor-dude talks about electrical tape over the “check engine” light.

TDRV: Doug Leno solves the trailer tire pressure monitoring system (TTPMS) problem on his trailer.

Exhaust Note:
 Kevin Cameron discusses “Bad Science”.

I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 119 of the TDR.
As always, thank you for your support.


Robert Patton



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