Issue 117 (Aug/Sept/Oct, 2022)

What will you find in issue 117?

Backfire: TDR’s “oil guru guy,” John Martin has some minor clarifications to make concerning his Issue 116 article.

10 Back: My review of Issue 77 started out in a ho-hum” manner. Upon further review, Issue 77 wasn’t as “ho-hum” as assessed.

Generations: As always, Greg Whale tries to capture the best problems/solutions correspondence from the TDR’s website.

Technical Topics: Have you wondered about how engineers developed the terms we use to measure power? Writer Tracy Martin gives us a historical look at “Horsepower and Torque.” TDR’s Joe Donnelly adds a sidebar article on his experiences with dynamometer testing.

Blowin’ in the Wind: Diesel performance enhancements are discussed as the EPA has been, and continues, to levy judgements against vendors and sellers.

Ready to Travel: For your entertainment and amusement, an interesting cross-country trip is presented.

Joe Donnelly gives us the nuts-and-bolts of an Aisin transmission fluid and filter change.

Stan Gozzi gives us a Bosch CP4 update.

James Langan reports news from the 2022 Overland Expo.

Moses Ludel observes the 185K milestone on his 2005 Turbo Diesel and he gives the audience his maintenance story.

Kevin Cameron gives us a “big picture” look at the future of fuel injection.


I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 117 of the TDR. As always, thank you for your support.


Robert Patton

TDR Staff



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