Issue 114 (Nov/Dec/Jan, 2021/2022)

For this issue, I asked the writers to closely review the prior issue and make a list of the things that will save you time and money in the maintenance of your Turbo Diesel truck. As always, let's give the audience something relevant to their hobby/ownership of a Ram/Cummins or EcoDiesel pickup truck.

So, what will you find in Issue 114?

  • “Backfire” discusses the 6.7 engine and the two different exhaust aftertreatment systems.
  • “Your Story” tells about the editor’s purchase of a new 2020 Turbo Diesel truck.
  • Larry Moore “Takes Us Back” to the introduction of the 1994 Turbo Diesel truck.
  • Tracy Martin gives you an inside look at Ram’s eTorque system on a Ram 1500 truck.
  • We revisit air intake systems in “The Way We Were.”
  • Our “Generations” columns offer tips to repair your truck and save money.
  • “Blowin’ in the Wind” covers trivial things on the internet and “Trumped by Biden.”
  • John Holmes gives us some fuel tips for the winter.
  • John Donnelly looks at the replacement of a turbocharger actuator on a 6.7 engine.
  • Scott Dalgleish gives us an update on ceramic coatings.
  • James Langan covers the installation of a security lockbox.
  • Moses Ludel relaces the vibration damper on his truck.
  • Stan Gozzi tells us about some DEF problems he encountered on his truck.
  • Doug Leno evaluates a Garmin navigation unit designed for RVers.
  • Andy Redmond discusses “Stories You Can’t Make Up.”

Robert Patton, Editor


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