Issue 113 (Aug/Sept/Oct, 2021)

Tired of hearing about battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid vehicles, autonomous driving and the like? Me, too. 

However, thanks to our very own Kevin Cameron and his “More About the Future of Diesel Power” in our last magazine, we can rest assured that internal combustion engines, gas stations and automobile mechanics will be around for quite some time. 

To help with your recall, KC cited an example from DataTeck Research that used simple math (new car sales as a percentage of the overall market) to chart some future scenarios. Here is a quick look back at the numbers. 

“He proposes a range of three hypothetical rates-of-increase for electrics. In the first, electrics as a percentage of new vehicles sold each year as we increase from the present roughly one percent to 70% by 2030. In the second, from one percent to 50% by 2030, and in the third possible future, increasing from one to 30% of new cars sold by 2030. Editor’s note: Unless there is a major price-of-vehicle drop and the charging infrastructure explodes with growth overnight, I think the 30% of new cars sold in 2030 is still optimistic. 

“The results are surprising. In the first case, the percentage of electric vehicles in the US car and light truck fleet would be 20% by 2030. In the second, 17%, and in the third, 8.1%. 

“Why so low? The reason is that there are roughly 250 million cars and light trucks in the US fleet, and each year only roughly 15 million, or 6%, are replaced by new vehicles sold. Thus, even if electrics make up 70% of new vehicles sold in the US by 2030, the percentage of the vehicle fleet as a whole that are electric in that year would be only 20% (given linear increase every year).” Regardless of the “number” in 2030, KC gave us the bigger picture. 

Now, in this latest issue, TDR 113, (August/September/October),Tracy Martin gives you the nuts-and-bolts on BEVs and Hybrids, while I wonder how much of the current hybrid-hype is really just window dressing. See pages 22-31 and you’ll be up to date.

Also in this issue:

- We continue our year-by-year look at Dodge (Ram) and Cummins history with TDR writer Larry Moore’s review of the 1993 model year.

- The usual how-to-fix-it information from the website is captured by G. R. Whale and summarized in our “Generations” columns.

- TDRV is back, with Doug Leno taking over the reins to provide you with the technical and practical aspects of recreational towing.

- The 2022 TDR Calendar Contest is announced and guidelines for entry are presented.

- The TDR staff writers share with us their evaluation of new parts and accessories.

- There is an abundance of industry news that talks about, what else, hybrid and electrical vehicles.

I’m hopeful you’ll enjoy Issue 113 of the TDR. As always, thank you for your support.

Robert Patton
TDR Staff


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