Issue 112 (May/June/July, 2021)

Every now and then you’ll read an article that makes the “light bulb of understanding” go on.

Such was the case last fall when the Motor Age magazine arrived at my doorstep and I read the article “Diesel SCR Service” by Tracy Martin. I read the diesel-related journalism with a watchful eye. Does the writer know the subject? Is it explained in a logical and thoughtful manner? Is it entertaining and educational?

Tracy Martin’s “Diesel SCR Service” was/is the trifecta.

In Issue 112 you’ll find that Tracy has tweaked his article for the TDR audience to make it Ram/Cummins-specific.

Additionally, in Issue 112 I was direct with the assignment to the writers, “What have you done to your truck lately?” Yep, when it comes to maintaining a vehicle, you’re never finished So what do we have in Issue 112?

-        James Langan replaces the turbocharger’s actuator on his 2014 Turbo Diesel truck.

-        Andy Redmond and Moses Ludel give us the how-to on servicing the air conditioning/HVAC system.

-        Stan Gozzi gives us an update on the 2019-2020 Cummins engine and the CP4 fuel injection pump.

-        Scott Gress talks about adding a larger radiator to his EcoDiesel truck.

-        TDR member problems/discussion/solutions are found in our “Generations” columns.

Add the previously mentioned “Diesel SCR Service” by Tracy Martin, a look at the 1992 model year truck by Larry Moore, and lots of Industry News about Ram and we’ve got a good Issue 112 that should entertain and educate for several evenings.

Thank you for your support of the TDR.

Robert Patton, Editor

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