Issue 111 (February/March/April, 2021)

Normally in this quarter we bring you interesting photographs of Ram trucks and unique Cummins-powered vehicles taken at the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. This magazine normally has all kinds of new product introductions, the inside story on performance parts and updates from meetings with vendors, the EPA and CARB.

You guessed it. SEMA didn’t happen in 2020. They tried a virtual event thing. However, I did not “tune in” and I can’t tell you how the virtual event was received by others.

While SEMA was busy trying to salvage their “show” the folks at Ram and Cummins were busy getting ready for the 2021 truck model year. On December 2 they announced the 2021 truck with an industry-leading 1075 torque and 37,100 tow rating. Coverage is found on pages 28-33. Going hand-in-hand with the new engine ratings, there is “The Big Picture: EPA and CARB” in our Technical Topics discussion area (pages 34-39). In this article I try to explain the ongoing emissions puzzle(s). Bottom line: the tweaks and refinement to exhaust emissions continues to cause hardware changes to the truck and engine. Such is the case for the 2021 engine that meets an upcoming 2022 CARB requirement one year early.

In other news, I have spent way too much time in my shop playing around with paint. Some would argue the paint fumes have gone to my head: paint a car with a roller brush, really? Really. Turn to pages 8-15 to find out more.

- Larry Moore “Takes You Back” to Turbo Diesel model year 1991.

- TDR members provide us with the try-this, fix-that ideas that are scattered in the “Generations” columns.

- TDR writers share with us their evaluation of new parts and accessories.

- There is an abundance of industry news that reminds us it is a global economy.

Thank you for your support of the TDR. Hey, it is 2021 let’s have a good year!

Robert Patton
Editor, TDR


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