Issue 110 (November/December/January, 2020/2021)

So what’s in TDR 110? Our Editor calls it the "Kevin Cameron Issue."  Kevin takes a fascinating look back in time to help us understand the present day.  That's all we will tell you.  Let the suspense and anticipation build.

In this issue we’ve also got the following great articles:

  • John Martin takes a look at money and the car show scene, hot rod hobby.
  • World War II, Junior Johnson and Formula 1.
  • Slide rules!
  • We look back at the 1990 model year truck and its importance to Dodge and Cummins.
  • We review the Cummins/Holset HE351 turbocharger.
  • Factory technical service bulletins are summarized for your review.
  • Ram, Fifth Generation 1500 series truck review.
  • More fix-this, modify-that ideas that TDR members are famous for.
  • John Hammer takes us on a trip up Pike's Peak.
  • Big victories for FCA in vehicle quality surveys.

As always, thank you for your support. Please tell your friends about the TDR!

Robert Patton
Editor, TDR

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