Issue 109 (August/September/October, 2020)

So what’s in TDR 109? In This Issue: Round-To-It.

A wise man once told me, “If it goes without saying, don’t.” And, with that thought in mind, the entire “Blowin’ in the Wind” (our Industry News segment) was deleted. Like you, in late May I was weary of the constant Corona news, so I chose a different beer, and did not look back.

On a positive note, likely you have had some extra time for reading about your hobby and maintaining your truck. I am hopeful the TDR’s back issues were helpful and/or you found help at our website. Appropriately, the theme for this magazine: The Round-to-It issue.

The idea for round-to-it came from TDR member creativity and entertainment as the guys and gals started a discussion in late March at the TDR’s website called “beating the Quarantine Blues.” So, let us get started.

In this issue we’ve got the following round-to-it articles:

  • Scott Dalgleish – paint protection and lights
  • James Langan – swaybars and tire balancers
  • Doug Leno – paint protection and the truck’s EVIC display
  • Moses Ludel – tire mounting and truck detailing
  • Andy Redmond – turbocharger cost saving

Sprinkle in some travel tips by John Hammer; some First Generation stories by Larry Moore; some Cummins history by Robert Patton; some industry news, garage finds and many other Turbo Diesel-related stories and I think we’ve got another good magazine for you. 

As always, thank you for your support. Please tell your friends about the TDR!

Robert Patton
Editor, TDR

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 108 Cover
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