Issue 108 (May/June/July - 2020)

Print copies of TDR Issue 108 were mailed in late April, 2020 with mailbox arrival set for the first 15 days of May, 2020.

What is new in Issue 108?


  • 2020 EcoDiesel Review
  • The Diesel's Demise, Part 3
  • Vehicle sales 2019 and good news from Ram (we need good news)
  • Print Magazines: The Future
Mix those topics with the usual fix-this and modify-that that TDR Members are famous for doing, and the travel adventures and maintenance tips from our staff and you've got another 132 page magazine headed your way to take your mind off of the daily blues.

I hope you enjoy TDR Issue 108, and I thank you for your support of the TDR.

Patton, Editor
Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 108 Cover
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