Issue 107 (February/March/April - 2020)

We are early with the digital edition of TDR Issue 107.   Print copies should be mailed the week of February 3, 2020 with mailbox arrival the following week.

What is new in Issue 107?

Once again many of the writers were able to attend the SEMA show and you'll find the write-ups in Issue 107.

Additionally, at SEMA I sat in on the latest Performance Parts/EPA seminar, and if I told you that the EPA was mindful of the diesel smoke cowboys, would you believe me?  Believe me.

What else is in Issue 107?

  • We have a look at the upcoming 2020 Amelia Island Concours event. So, pack your bags and join me there in March.
  • Scott Dalgleish tells us about a programmer you can use to change many of the settings on your truck.
  • We look at the Mr. Cummins' final days at the engine company as we close out our historical look at Cummins' past 100 years in our final "Clessie's Column."  There is a special note from Lyle Cummins in "Clessie's Column" that talks about his dad's departure from the engine company.
  • The usual fix-this, fix-that, change-the-other that TDR members are famous for writing about.

Issue 107.  Thank you for your support of the TDR. Be on the lookout for your 2020 Member decal in the cover wrap of this issue.

Robert Patton, Editor

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 106 Cover
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