Issue 106 (November/December/January - 2019/2020)

Issue 106 of the TDR was mailed form the printer during the week of November 4. Please allow 10 to 14 days for delivery to your door.

Our previous issue of the magazine was at the printer as TDR members were enroute to Cummins’ hometown of Columbus, Indiana for our national gathering. So, coverage of the event was pushed into Issue 106. And, with six of the editorial staff in attendance, you’re going to find lots of stories about the event. We’ve got historical stories, engineering stories, engine plant stories, entertainment stories: Can you tell it was a fun event?

Also, in Issue 106:
  • Upfit and evaluation articles from the staff.
  • The usual fix-this, repair-that stories from the “Generations” columns.
  • Greg Whale files a 2020 EcoDiesel “first drive” report.
  • Robert Schwarzli gives us a detailed article on the “Ultimate First Generation” truck.
  • Kevin Cameron tells us about the cost of change. Who’s paying?
  • Greg Whale gives us a look at the 100-year history of Dodge trucks.
That’s all for now.

Enjoy Issue 106 and thank you for your support of the Turbo Diesel Register.

Robert Patton
TDR Editor
Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 106 Cover
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