Issue 103 (April/May/June - 2019)

Issue 103 of the Turbo Diesel register was mailed on February 1, 2019.

Inside the cover wrap, you will find the 2019 TDR member decal and a TDR new member brochure. Please make copies of the brochure, put them in your glovebox to help us sign-up some new TDR members during 2019. We need your help to grow the membership. Thank you, in advance, for your efforts.

What else is in Issue 103?

In this issue, you will find our annual SEMA Show update on performance products. (Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside.)

We’ve got a look at several Cummins-powered vehicles that were at the SEMA show. The Cummins folks and Cummins engines continue to be standouts at the show.

Also in this issue you’ fins “What’s New” SEMA reports by Langan and Donnelly.

Also in TDR 103:
  • Owner specific problems and corrections
  • Commentary from TDR favorites: Cameron, Whale, Barnes and Ludel
  • 4th Quarter Technical Service Bulletin updates
  • Mark Barnes takes us on a trip to the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee
I hope you enjoy Issue 103 of the TDR. Thank you for your support. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to meet at the TDR Nationals in June. Be there or be square.

Robert Patton, Editor
Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 101 Cover
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