Issue 101 (August/September/October - 2018)

What will you find in Turbo Diesel Register’s Issue 101?

  • “Putting an old Dodge/Cummins to work.”  New TDR writer, Peter Monshizadeh tells us about his 2001 Turbo Diesel and his trip to the Radwood 2 car show in Anaheim, California.  Upon return to his Kansas home, he must replace a front wheel bearing.
  • The editor-dude looks back ten years and finds the audience was faced with diesel fuel that was $5/gallon.  Then the market/banking system/economy crashed.
  • TDR writer, Andy Mikonis, gives us his impressions of the new 2019 Ram 1500.
  • The usual fix-it correspondence from TDR members as selected from our website by writer, Greg Whale.  Thanks TDR members!
  • The “BITW” section has several articles about the ever-changing automotive and truck marketplace(s).  Yes, China is in the news.
  • Writer and oil guru, John Martin, talks about lube oil (again).
  • TDR writer, Greg Whale, takes several pages to spotlight TDR members that are our “TDR Forum Heroes.”  Congratulations to John, Scott, Bob, Don Fitzwater, Gary Ames, Casey, Mike Wilson, Nick Isaacs and Mark.
  • The usual fix-this, break-that, add-this correspondence from writers Wale, Holmes, Holmes, Donnelly, Dalgleish, Gozzi, Ludel and Redmond.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the TDR.

Robert Patton
Editor, Turbo Diesel Register

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 101 Cover
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