Issue 100 (May/June/July - 2018)

As Issue 100 approached, I gave thought to what should be done to celebrate twenty-five years of publication. Then being the 25-year older guy that I am, well, it's kind of like reaching that one-year-older age where you'd just as soon the birthday pass without much fanfare.

And so it is. No horns. No confetti. No balloons that go pop.

But I'm sending out a big thanks to all of the TDR Members (past and present) without whom this unique organization and exchange of helpful information would not exist. I have heard it said and absolutely believe that TDR members are the best ambassadors for the Ram and Cummins products. You are the guys and gals that the new or new/used owner seeks out when they have questions about their truck. You are the number one resource for Ram/Cummins owners. A tip of my hat for your longevity and service to others.

If you haven't read your copy yet, here is what you can expect in Issue 100:

We have all seen the news about Ram's new 1500. Issue 100 has several articles about the '19 Ram. With previous Ram truck introductions, we would see the Heavy Duty truck one year later. But this time, the Heavy Duty introduction has been reported to be pushed out until '21 (Issue 98, page 34). So we will have to patiently wait on some of the new design features that are discussed in the magazine.

What else? As always, we have the usual how to fix this, modify that articles. And we have a new writer who gives those '94 - '02 owners a chance to reflect on their trucks and the advice they give to others. Second Generation owners, you will especially enjoy the "How to Make an Old Dodge Ram as Good As its Cummins Diesel Engine" article.

As always, thank you for your continued support of the TDR. And I look forward to seeing you in Columbus in June, 2019.

Robert Patton
Editor, Turbo Diesel Register

Turbo Diesel Register - Issue 100 Cover
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